Michael Jordan Still Reigns Supreme on Shoe Deals

Michael Jordan Still Reigns Supreme on Shoe Deals

Despite not playing in the NBA since 2003, the basketball Hall of Famer Michael Jordan still dominates shoe sales to this day. As a result of a shoe deal between Nike and Jordan’s own brand, the GOAT expects to receive close to $ 145 million on shoe deals this year.

Notably, Michael Jordan’s shoe line features the classic Air Jordan shoes which he wore during his 3 campaigns in the NBA. However, and despite his final retirement in 2003, Air Jordans continued releasing. Accordingly, the brand became so large that close to 3/4’s of the current NBA roster plays with Jordan brand apparel every time they step on the court. In addition, Jordan manages the shoe deals and sales of notable NBA stars such as Russell Westbrook, Jimmy Butler, Chris Paul, and Carmelo Anthony.

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In essence, Michael Jordan’s nine-digit take home ($130m) easily dwarfs the deals of other NBA superstars. According to reports, he looks to earn four times more than his closest shoe competitor this year in LeBron James ($47m). Consequently, LeBron James has a lifetime deal with Nike.

Rounding up the top of the shoe chain are Jordan, James, Kevin Durant ($32m), Steph Curry ($26m), and Kobe Bryant ($23m). Notably, Jordan and Bryant are both retired.

Arguably considered as the sport’s “Greatest Of All Time”, Michael Jordan holds 6 NBA Championships and Finals MVP awards. In addition, he has 5 MVP awards and has led the league in scoring for 10 seasons. He holds career averages of 30.1 points per game across close to 1,100 games from 1984-2003.