Michigan Deputy Officer Walks Home 3 Loose COWS

Michigan Deputy Officer Walks Home 3 Loose COWS

Photo: United Press International

A sheriff’s deputy in Michigan, United States captured about eight loose cows 3 miles away from the escape spot.

According to news agency United Press International, personnel escorted the bovines home.

The Ingham County Sheriff’s Office in Michigan said it deployed its transport unit following the report.

Officials said the animals already blocked a road south of Mason when they arrived in the scene.

A deputy ended up wrangling the cows and walking them three miles back to the farm from which they escaped.

The sheriff’s office shared video of the walk captured by the dashcam in the patrol vehicle.

Meanwhile, traffic in Georgia, United States completely came into a halt after a cow crossed the road.

According to various news reports posted online, police found the animal on on a ramp connecting two highways.

The Savannah Police Department then Animal Control officers to help deal with the situation.

About an hour later, the police department tweeted an update saying they have removed teh loose cow.

“Thanks for your patience while we moooove it out the traffic way,” the Savannah Police Department said on the tweet.

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