Mom in Hysterics after Daughter CUTS Up Real MONEY to Use as Face in Dolls

Mom in Hysterics after Daughter CUTS Up Real MONEY to Use as Face in Dolls

A mother couldn’t help but laugh when she saw her daughter cut up real money to use as a face on her dolls.

Victoria Ingham from Middlesborough, England, shared to Facebook what her 4-year-old daughter, Esme, did. 

Photo: Victoria Ingham / Facebook

“Comes upstairs to find our Esme has cut up 25 quid (pounds),” she wrote in the post.

Esme used the queen’s head out to stick it on her dolls.

Additionally, the daughter said that she had three£ dolls, but her mom only had two paper bills.

“Dunno whether to laugh or cry, all I know is I am absolutely skint, so donations are welcome,” she added.

After reading the post, one of Victoria’s friends set up a GoFundMe account. 

So far, Victoria has already received £125 worth of donations. The amount is far more than the £25 that her daughter cut up. 

Victoria said she would donate all the money to the children’s ward at the James Cook University Hospital.

Meanwhile, Facebook users joked about the event.

“The bank may take pity on you if you collect all the pieces and take it to them,” one of the commenters said.

Another one shared a similar experience.

“My husband took an hour to sellotape it back together,” Tara Holbrook narrated. “Bank exchanged for a new note.”

Others took notice of the child’s creativity and added, “Has one of the dolls got on a dress made out of a mask?”

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