Move over X Æ A-12, Filipino baby named ‘HTML’ arrives in the world

Move over X Æ A-12, Filipino baby named ‘HTML’ arrives in the world

Photo: Mac Eightfive Pascual on Facebook

A Filipino baby named HTML achieved instant popularity online hours after being born to a young couple in Bulacan, Philippines.

The Filipino baby boy’s arrival, whose full name is Hypertext Markup Language Rayo Pascual, went viral when his aunt posted about it on Facebook.

HTML’s father, Mac Pascual, reportedly works as a web developer. He gave the name simply because it’s related to his job.

“My brother is a web developer. He gave him that name because of the nature of his work,” his sister, HTML’s aunt, said in the caption.

Nowadays, parents, young and old, prefer their children to have unique names but deciding on one has since been difficult.

Hence, they resort to thinking outside the box to come up with the least common name in the world.

Photo: First

Some of these children expressed dissatisfaction with their given names. Parents, on the other hand, reiterated their reasons and ideas for giving them unusual names.

Like Mac Pascual’s son HTML, his arrival on earth received diverse reactions from netizens. Meanwhile, most of them asked why was he named Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) R. Pascual?

“[The baby] will grow up to hack the Pentagon. It’s in his name,” one comment reads, in Filipino.

“How are you, HTML? HTML, what’s your HTML?” another user joked.

At least HTML Pascual can be easily read than X Æ A-12 Musk.

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