Museum Captures Longest Melody Played by Toy TRAIN

Museum Captures Longest Melody Played by Toy TRAIN

Photo: Guinness World Record

A museum in Germany has broken a Guinness World Record for using a model train and nearly 3,000 glasses of water.

According to news agency United Press International, it played a total of 2,840 notes of classical music.

The team behind took a good advantage of the museum’s months-long closure due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Frederik Braun, founder of the Miniatur Wunderland museum, said thet set up a model train with 2,840 wine glasses.

The train then played 2,840 notes of classical music, including Johann Strauss’s Radetzky March.

The Guinness has officially recognized the project as the world’s longest melody played by a model train.

“Had there not been a lockdown, we would have thought about the project for a minute and then buried it,” Braun said.

Meanwhile, a British museum has earned a world record after assembling 205,000 Lego bricks into a bridge.

According to various news reports, it measured 111 feet, 6 inches long with an unsupported span of over 55 feet.

The Ironbridge Gorge Museums teamed up with the Institution of Civil Engineers to construct the massive Lego bridge.

Accordingly, the record-breaking structure stood at Enginuity, a Coalbrookdale museum operated by Ironbridge Gorge.

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