MYSTERIOUS SMELL strikes over Pennsylvania county again

MYSTERIOUS SMELL strikes over Pennsylvania county again

Man wearing hazard suit while doing an investigation on the mystery smell around the county
Photo: The Sun

A mysterious smell has struck Pennsylvania for the second time this month, overwhelming residents and keeping investigators baffled.

The Delaware county’s emergency services received many calls in the past weeks regarding the pungent odor.

Locals fear that this came from a gas leak or a hazardous material.

Investigators said reports about the smell were from Glenolden, Tinicum and Upper Darby, just outside of Philadelphia.

In an interview with locals, a resident shared she can smell the odor right outside her car.

Another resident said the mysterious smell “overwhelming” that she was afraid to smoke because this may be from a gas main that had been broken.

However, this is not the first time this happened in the area. The smell has been reoccurring in the Delaware County in last several months.

Photo: Facebook / Delaware County Emergency Services Training Center

In October last year, the smell wafted through 25 towns of Pennsylvania forcing schools and local businesses to shut down.

Director of Emergency Services for Delaware County Tim Boyce said the source of the smell has been hard to pin down.

Meanwhile, the Department of Environmental Protection reported that it is currently investigating industrial facilities and the pipelines in the area which can be the possible culprits of the case.