Netflix Tries Out SHUFFLE BUTTON for Indecisive Watchers

Netflix Tries Out SHUFFLE BUTTON for Indecisive Watchers

Photo: Mashable

Have you noticed a shuffle play button on your Netflix TV user profile screen? Well, that’s because the tech company is trialing the feature again.

Mashable reported that the trial began in 2019. Netflix tested it on the service’s Android app in April. It then conducted another round of testing this July, trialing the feature on both the Android and Amazon Fire apps.

The latest worldwide test appears to have hit a wider selection of Netflix’s TV apps. However, the feauture is still not available to all users.

If you click the shuffle button, Netflix will obligingly serve up something it thinks you might like. It could be a movie you’re in the middle of watching, a show you’ve saved to your watch list, or just whatever the algorithm figures you’ll enjoy. In other words, you can let the app decide what you should watch.

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Netflix said they are looking for better ways to connect its members with shows and films that they will love.

“We run these tests in different countries and for different periods of time, and only make them broadly available if people find them useful,” said the company.

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