New Ad of Volkswagen Are Banned in the UK

New Ad of Volkswagen Are Banned in the UK

Advertisements are a way for companies to market their products and services. However, some of these ads are so exaggerated and sometimes it violates the standards of some countries.

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Just like the new ad of Volkswagen in the UK that has been banned. Let’s look at the advertisement and we’ll see if you can figure out why it was banned.

Have any ideas? We don’t know either.

Well, according to the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority, three people protested that the new ad “propagated damaging gender stereotypes by showing men involved in adventurous activities in compare to a woman in a caregiving role.”

The only reason why the new ad is banned because there are three people didn’t like it.

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They believed that it is unfair to only show men as adventurers, athletes, and astronauts, while the only women get a minor role.

On the other hand, Volkswagen claimed that the ad simply shows the ability of the humans to adjust to shifting conditions and they had no goal of propagating gender stereotypes.

Unfortunately, the advertising standards authority of the UK doesn’t see the same viewpoint as the German car company. That’s why they banned the new ad in their country.

new ad of Volkswagen is banned in the UK

Whether you agree with the ruling of the agency or not, we should always be careful in this era.

Equality of men and women are to be of top priority whenever we make ads. May this be a warning to all companies in the world.