New York Officials Warn About Loose ‘Harmless’ BEAR

New York Officials Warn About Loose ‘Harmless’ BEAR

New York Officials Warn About Loose 'Harmless' BEAR
Photo: UPI

A wildlife refuge in New York, United States has warned the public about a black bear that tunneled out of her enclosure.

The animal, however, may cause no harm, according to news agency United Press International.

The Adirondack Wildlife Refuge in Wilmington said the 4 1/2-year-old black bear dug her way out of her enclosure.

Although the bear is “completely harmless,” it asked the public not to attempt to approach the animal.

Ahote and Luvey, the other black bear sow in residence at the facility, previously escaped in 2019.

New York officials revoked the refuge’s state and federal permits due to multiple violations.

Meanwhile, a 17-year-old girl in California shoved a mother bear off a brick wall to rescue her dogs.

According to various news reports posted on social media and online, a security camera recorded the incident.

The footage shows three dogs in the enclosed yard becoming agitated and barking at a mother bear.

The mother bear then swats at the dogs as they approach to bark at the wild animals.

Hailey Morinico immediately ran into the yard, shoving the bear off the wall and gathering up the dogs.

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