NUN Goes Viral for Posting a TIKTOK Video Sharing Her Skincare Routine

NUN Goes Viral for Posting a TIKTOK Video Sharing Her Skincare Routine

Photo: @nunsenseforthepeople on TikTok / Yahoo! News

A TikTok nun recently went viral for posting a video sharing her skincare and beauty tips with her 48,000 followers.

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According to Insider, TikTok user @nunsenseforthepeople uploaded her “nunly skincare” video that received over 277,000 views.

Sister Monica, 55, shared that she had “hundreds of people” asking her to detail her skincare routine in a video.

Earlier, the Episcopal nun, née Claudette Monical Powell, first joined TikTok to make funny videos for her friends and family.

Her first taste of online fame came when her video about a wild turkey terrorizing her convent blew up last June.

Photo: @nunsenseforthepeople on TikTok / Indy100

Then a couple of weeks later, she started getting requests about her skincare routine.

“I started getting more and more followers,” she said.

“If people want to ask me questions about religious life, that would be great,” she continued.

However, to her surprise, she also often gets compliments about her clear, fair skin.

“Literally nobody in my entire life has ever asked for beauty tips ever,” she said.

In the video, she shared a few tips even though she doesn’t really have a specific routine that she follows.

Moreover, Sister Monica credits her clear and youthful appearance to decades of avoiding the sun since the 90s.

“Low lighting is a girl’s best friend,” she joked.

For those curious, she also added that the Aveeno oatmeal wash is her holy grail skincare product.