Officials Join Forces to Rescue Stranded Pair of FOX Kits

Officials Join Forces to Rescue Stranded Pair of FOX Kits

Photo: Foxborough Police Department

Police, animal control officers, firefighters and highway department officials in Massachusetts, United States joined forces for an operation.

According to news agency United Press International, they rescued a pair of baby foxes stranded in storm drain.

The Foxborough Police Department said they responded to Baker Street in Foxborough to help animal control officers.

Firefighters and highway department officials then also provided support in the scene of the rescue operation.

Authorities successfully removed the stranded animals from the drain, which they initially thought as coyote cubs.

But once they cleaned them up, officials realized they were actually poor fox kits.

Just last week, firefighters and animal control officers in South Carolina, United States rescued a puppy trapped in a storm drain.

According to various news reports published online, the animal fled from the house of its owner.

The Spartanburg Police Department took to social media platform Facebook to share videos of the rescue operation.

It said the Spartanburg Fire Department and the City of Spartanburg Animal Control responded immediately.

On ground accounts then stated that the puppy, named Lizzy, fled from her owners and ended up trapped in the drain.

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