‘Ohitorisama’ or Doing Things Aone is a Trend in Japan

‘Ohitorisama’ or Doing Things Aone is a Trend in Japan

Being alone is essential, it doesn’t mean your lonely but you just want satisfaction when you do things alone, in Japan they called this “Ohitorisama.”

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Ever wonder why being alone sometimes is fun?

If you think of it, it’s an endless possibility while you’re being alone.

It keeps you distracted from the real world at least.

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So anyways what does Ohitorisama mean?

It’s a Japanese word basically means “an act of being alone and doing things alone.”

Masaki Kitakoga, a 33-year-old who often sings on karaoke alone by himself for about 90 minutes.

This trend is so bizarre that they consider this an “art.”

Well, this country understands the current state of their people.

And what’s more interesting is that ages the late 20s and early 30s do this, mostly we’re males.

I mean what’s the catch of this?

Most of the Japanese want to go alone by themselves in every activity, they prefer the term “me time.”

This clearly depicts that after a long tiring day of work or school, you need to pamper and take care of yourself.

Sure it’s fun to go out with friends right? But try going alone too, this will get you the feeling of freedom and happiness.

There are about 5% of unmarried men and 4% for unmarried women in Japan back in 1990 and they consider as “lifetime singles.”

This percentage started to grow by 2010, about 20 and 14 respectively.

In most Asians countries, the reason why a man or a woman remains single for a lifetime because of their careers or experiences in life-related to it.

There might be cons about this trend but let’s respect the culture and we might adopt it soon.


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