One Resume MISTAKE Leads to Job Application Disaster

One Resume MISTAKE Leads to Job Application Disaster

Photo: UPI

A girl ruined her chances after she did not check her curriculum vitae or CV before sending it out to prospective bosses.

According to tabloid newspaper The Daily Mirror, his boyfriend shared the terrible mistake on social news site Reddit.

The man said the computer had changed the name on the document to her profile username when he saved her CV.

“While saving [the] said resume, her computer thought it would be funny to change the name header,” he wrote.

It showed “PRINCESS BANANA HAMMOCK,” which appeared Princess Banana Hamm due to spacing.

From that point, they both realized why she they did not call her back for any interviews.

“[S]he not too impressed with me right now and I’m not allowed to do anything on her computer for her ever again,” he said.

Meanwhile, a deaf woman has not had any luck landing a job despite applying for over 3,000 roles.

Kellie Wilson has applied to become everything from a cleaner and a dishwasher to a bin collector and supermarket worker.

Unfortunately, each application turned out unsuccessful.

The 33-year-old believes bosses have rejected her because of her disability.

She said some companies showed interest but stopped responding eventually.

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