One Side of Paraguayan LAGOON Turns Bright Purple

One Side of Paraguayan LAGOON Turns Bright Purple

Photo: AP

Half of a lagoon near the city of Limpio in Paraguay suddenly turned purple. The body of water also started emitting foul odor.

Oddee reported that several months ago, authorities built an embankment in the area to connect local factories. The structure split the Cerro Lagoon into two.

Weeks later, residents started noticing a nauseatingly foul smell rising from one half of the lagoon. They found out that the cause of the smell were the lagoon’s fish that had begun to die.

“Three months ago all the fish died in the lagoon, thousands and thousands of them,” local resident Herminia Meza said. He added that the unbearable smell attracted a lot of flies.

Eventually, the lake turned into a reddish color. Some portions exhibit a bright purple hue.

Photo: ABC

Francisco Ferreira, a technician at the National University Multidisciplinary Lab, took samples of the purple water. Coincidentally, he found that heavy metals, such as chromium, were responsible for the color change.

The chemicals were attributed to a nearby tannery Waltrading SA.

Authorities called on the company to build a treatment plant for its waste. The tannery has not responded yet.

Meanwhile, the other side of the lagoon remains a healthy blue.

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