Oregon Seeks Help From Herd of GOATS to Combat Wildfire

Oregon Seeks Help From Herd of GOATS to Combat Wildfire

Photo: The Canadian Press

Authorities in Oregon, United States have sought help from goats in combatting wildfires.

According to online site Oddee, they freed a herd of 230 goats in the city of Forest Grove, 25 miles from Portland.

Over the next week, the animals will be eating the dry undergrowth in a 140-acre wood as a wildfire prevention measure.

Craig Madsen, the owner of the herd, said he gets a lot of requests from people who want goats to do their backyards.

“But there are people who’ll have a dozen or so goats. They’ll come out and do those projects,” said Madsen.

Photo: Oddee

According to the business’ website, goats provide many other benefits in addition to cost savings.

Rough or rocky ground does not deter them and they happily munch away on plants that are harmful to humans, such as poison ivy.

They also help protect residents since they reduce the need to use toxic herbicide and potentially dangerous heavy machineries.

Not to mention that the animals are entertaining.

“They’re fun to watch. Your crew and your family will love watching the herd at work and hearing their gentle bleats as they call to each other,” says in the website.

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