Pets OUTNUMBER Children in Taiwan as Birth Rate Drops

Pets OUTNUMBER Children in Taiwan as Birth Rate Drops

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Pets, mostly dogs and cats in carriers, have outnumbered the population of children in Taiwan.

According to Fox News, more people adopt pets while the country’s birthrate continues to decline.

Officials estimated the number of pets in the country has climbed to 3 million during the second half of this year.

The figure is larger than the population of children age 14 or younger.

Meanwhile, the country’s birth rate has declined by 6 percent from 2016 to last year.

Experts have attributed this to social pressure against having a child outside of marriage.

In addition, short maternity leave periods and low wages also factor in to the subject matter.

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Over in Japan, giant life-size dolls or scarecrows have replaced human residents in the village of Nagoro.

“Children” and “teachers” fill local schools while “locals” hang out in bus stops or front porches.

Other highlights include dolls dancing together at a party, as well as workmen wearing hard hats.

Dubbed the “Cursed Village,” Nagoro has approximately 350 life-size scarecrows.

They, in fact, have outnumbered their fellow human residents in the town by ten to one.

But according to various reports online, the life-size dolls do not intend to be scary.

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