POLAND Invades Czech Republic

POLAND Invades Czech Republic

Poland invades Czech Republic in May 2020
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Poland invades Czech Republic in May this year. The country clarified that the brief occupation of a small part of the country was just a “misunderstanding.”

Reports said Polish troops guarding the frontier crossed the Czech side of the border as part of COVID-19 measures.

The chapel is located in north-eastern Moravia, a part of Silesia – part of which extends into today’s Czech Republic.

They stayed in the area for several days, preventing Czech residents from visiting the chapel.

Photo: CNN

Later, Czech authorities contacted Warsaw to immediately discuss the troops’ “invasion.” It is not reported how many days the “accidental” invasion lasted.

“The Polish soldiers are no longer present, and our citizens can again visit the site freely,” the Czech Foreign Ministry said in an interview.

Polish authorities said the incident was a mistake. Polish Ministry of Defense also clarified that the placement of the border post was a simple misunderstanding and not a deliberate act.

Meanwhile, the Czech Foreign Ministry has yet to receive an official explanation when Poland invades Czech Republic.

Border restrictions between European Union countries are usually lenient, wherein citizens can freely move across nations. Nevertheless, the ongoing pandemic has brought stricter border arrangements.

In early June, Poland finally lifted border restrictions from people entering the country.