Police Respond to Capture Loose PIG in Arkansas

Police Respond to Capture Loose PIG in Arkansas

Photo: Barling Police Department

Police officers in Arkansas, United States responded to a call of a resident about a loose pig.

According to news agency United Press International, they recounted the capture in a pun-filled social media post.

The Barling Police Department said it deployed a number of personnel and animal control officers to a capture a hamburglar.

In a Facebook post, the department described it as a loose pig wandering a neighborhood.

“Officers established a perimeter around the suspect to keep themselves from a hambush,” the office added in the caption.

In the end, they reported that the culprit’s owner quickly helped apprehend the suspect.

Meanwhile, a loose cow turned up in the parking lot of a grocery store in Britain, shocking a number of shoppers.

According to varipus news reports online, they saw the animal attempted to go inside the store.

Steve Shanyaski then took to Twitter to post a video of the cow, saying a fellow shopper alerted him about the bovine.

“[T]his guy starts looking at me telling me to be careful,” Shanyaski said in an interview.

The man then said he watched as witnesses attempted unsuccessfully to capture the cow.

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