Preserved HUMAN TONGUES Found under Florida Home

Preserved HUMAN TONGUES Found under Florida Home

Human tongues contained in jars found in a Florida home
Photo: Newsbreak

Jars of preserved human tongues were discovered in a crawlspace under the floorboards of a home in Florida.

A contractor was inspecting the foundations of a house in Gainesville when he found jars of preserved human tongues and tissues.

Police reported that some tongues are way back 1960s.

However, police later found out that the jars were not for an occult ritual or a killing rampage.

Florida rushed to a house where jars of human tongues were found
Photo: News4Jax

Authorities said the tongues were from a professor at the University of Florida who was then doing research.

After 50 years, his former wife wanted to do some house improvements, thus, the discovery of the kept jars.

Dr. Ronald Baughman, then owner of the jarred tongues, said he obtained the specimens during his research 50 years ago. He said the specimens were in a crawlspace because it was a cool area to preserve them.

Early in his career, Dr. Baughman, a renowned pathologist, wanted to do research on thyroid conditions.

He collected samples of tongues and thyroid tissues which he brought to Gainesville where he became a professor in the University of Florida.

While this case is uncommon in the town due to its proximity to a university and hospitals, police said the investigation will still continue.