Quarantine-Themed HALLOWEEN Costumes Listed Down

Quarantine-Themed HALLOWEEN Costumes Listed Down

Quarantine-Themed Halloween Costumes Listed Down
Photo: Mashable

We can still celebrate Halloween amid the pandemic, but we have to take proper safety precautions.

Online site Mashable compiled a helpful list of creative quarantine-themed Halloween costumes for your consideration.

Amazon offers a few ridiculous off-brand hand sanitizer costumes, as well as some knockoff Purell shirt options.

The shop also features a bunch of adorable Animal Crossing cosplay apparel and accessories, like Tom Nook shirt.

You can also channel your inner teen by snagging some popular TikTok accessories and grabbing your Hydro Flask.

Photo: Mashable

Meanwhile, costume sellers claim that “Karen,” off the back of the popular meme, is will be a big Halloween trend.

Various reports stated that the concept features asymmetrical blonde wigs and T-shirts that read “I want to speak to the manager.”

Jason Adcock, an artist based in Los Angeles, creates the special masks, which cost over $180 at Etsy.

Adcock said he came up with the idea while under self-quarantine at home.

“I’ve spent most of my life working retail in the cosmetics industry, so I have seen countless ‘Karens’ in their natural habitat,” he explained.

But this is not the only unfortunate costume ideas that could prove popular for Halloween 2020.

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