Rare BARKING DEER Spotted in Cambodia

Rare BARKING DEER Spotted in Cambodia

Rare BARKING DEER Spotted in Cambodia
Photo: Daily Mail UK

Experts recently spotted a rare barking deer in Cambodia since its discovery in 1994. The animal is distinct for its audible call.

The critically endangered barking deer or giant muntjac showed up in one of the footage last April. This happened in northeast Cambodia’s Virachey National Park in Ratanakiri province.

Officials from the environment ministry said they just became aware about it recently after retrieving the hidden camera containing months of footage in the forest. 

Nevertheless, the officials explained that filming was to clamp down on illegal logging in the area. 

“This is the most exciting news for Cambodia and for the whole world that such a rare and most critically endangered species was discovered in Cambodia,” spokesperson Neth Pheaktra said.

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The giant muntjac also has its distinct red and brown coat. 

Other reports say that the said species also live in Vietnam in November 2017, after discovering its existence in the country since 2000. Nevertheless, experts explained the said animals largely live in the mountain ranges of Southeast Asia.

However, illegal hunting and illegal logging remain as the two main threats for the continuous disappearance of the species.

Rare BARKING DEER Spotted in Cambodia
Photo: Global Times CN

Virachey National Park alone suffered rampant deforestation in the early 2000s . However, officials recently reported that its condition has been improving.