Rare Roseate Spoonbill Bird SPOTTED in Michigan

Rare Roseate Spoonbill Bird SPOTTED in Michigan

Photo: UPI

Wildlife officials in Michigan, United States reported a roseate spoonbill bird that might have escaped.

According to news agency United Press International, its the first of such bird spotted in the wild in the state.

Birdwatchers gathered this week to capture photos of the bird native to Florida’s Gulf Coast and other areas.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources believes the spoonbill “is either a zoo escapee or very confused.”

“It’s really only a matter of time before one was documented in Michigan,” Benjamin Winger said.

Winger works as a curator of birds at the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology and an assistant professor.”

Meanwhile, about 15 to 20 giant California condors trashed a home in the city of Tehachapi in San Francisco.

According to various news reports online, the son of the homeowner posted photos of the rowdy guests on Twitter.

Seana Quintero told reporters in an interview that the birds showed up at her mother’s home sometime last weekend.

The giant endangered birds trashed the deck, ruining a spa cover, decorative flags and lawn ornaments.

“She’s definitely frustrated but also in awe of this and knows what an unusual experience this,” Quintero said.

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