Remains of INSECTS Appear Along Beaches in Maine

Remains of INSECTS Appear Along Beaches in Maine

Photo: UPI

A mysterious black substance along beaches in Maine, United States turn out as crushed remains of tiny insects.

According to news agency United Press International, an ocean researcher conducted a study.

Multiple visitors to southern Maine beaches reported the bottoms of their feet stained with a black substance.

John Lillibridge, a recently retired oceanographer from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, looked into it.

Lillibridge examined a sample through a microscope and eventually made a surprising discovery.

“[I]t wasn’t some kind of algae or an oil spill like you would expect, it was just a whole bunch of dead bugs,” he said.

Meanwhile, a man in Florida spotted a massive four-foot-wide jellyfish while running on a beach.

According to various news reports, experts consider the unusual sea creature more rare than dangerous.

Anatoli Smirnov from Naples snapped a photo of the gigantic jellyfish, called a “pink meanie.”

In an interview, Smirnov joked that the giant sea creature almost ate him alive while out for his run.

He explained that he goes running on the beach frequently but had never before seen such a large jellyfish.

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