Renovators FIND Message, Liquor Under Floor of House

Renovators FIND Message, Liquor Under Floor of House

Photo: Pixabay

Renovators found a message along with a bottle of whiskey from the previous owners of a house in Scotland.

According to news agency United Press International, one of them took to video app TikTok to share the discovery.

Craig Harrigan shows the message, which states that certain Jack and May, three children and a dog lives in the property.

“Kitchen done up during April and May 2001. All the best, have a drink on us!” it adds.

In the video, one of the renovators shows that the message is accompanied by a bottle of Glenkinchie whiskey.

It turns out that the current owner was one of the kids and her parents wrote the note.

Meanwhile, a man discovered a cryptic handwritten note and Polaroid of a clown in his house.

According to various news reports online, Paul Jones thinks the previous owners left the items.

“Dear Megan, I hate you a lot at the moment but I love you …” says the note which apparently a child wrote.

But Jones said the former tenants of the propert did not have any children at all.

Along with the note, he found a Polaroid of a man dressed in a creepy clown costume with a sad expression.

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