Restaurant MENU From 1913 Found Inside Ceiling

Restaurant MENU From 1913 Found Inside Ceiling

Photo: Facebook

Workers doing renovations on a cafe in England discovered an old menu inside the ceiling.

According to news agency United Press International, it came from the restaurant that occupied the building in 1913.

Natalie Haywood, owner of Leaf in Liverpool, said they found the menu for Yamen Cafe and Tea Rooms in the rafters.

Haywood added that the workers also found a waiter’s hat embroidered with the word “Yaman.”

“Down came fluttering from the ceiling this menu from 108 years ago,” Haywood told reporters in an interview.

She shared that Leaf plans to try to recreate some of the dishes listed on the menu as it inspired them.

Meanwhile, a family in Florida, United States reunited with old photos they took more than 20 years ago.

According to various news reports online, a man who bought a camera discovered a film inside.

Adam Wilson from Toronto, Canada said the seller from Pennsylvania could only tell him it was found in a storage locker.

Wilson then decided to post the recovered photos on Twitter to look for possible owners.

A TV news report about it also aired, prompting a viewer to recognize Maria Bartoletti, a former Lewisberry resident.

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