Santa Claus SWIMS in Dead Sea to Bring Christmas Cheer

Santa Claus SWIMS in Dead Sea to Bring Christmas Cheer

Photo: Reuters

A man, dressed as Santa Claus, swam in the Dead Sea as part of Israel’s Tourism Ministry campaign.

According to news agency Reuters, it aims to bring some Christmas cheer during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Santa rode a paddle board a few hundred yards offshore to a spot where salt has piled up in a massive mushroom shape.

He then stuck a Christmas tree in the salty bottom, which he took along while returning to the shore.

The man in costume struck a pose for cameras and enjoyed an effortless float in the saline-rich waters.

Christianity has roots in the Dead Sea, whose surroundings are abundant with remains of ancient traditions.

Meanwhile, a four-year-old Santa in England has been collecting Christmas presents for deprived children.

According to various reports online, a bad dream inspired her to pursue this advocacy.

Kind-hearted Pippa Jackson said she dreamt about a lot of sad children having no presents to open on Christmas morning.

She now aims to make 200 parcels for those who otherwise would go without during the festive period.

She puts some coloring pencils, a hat, scarf, as well as gloves to help keep them warm on holidays.

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