School Breaks RECORD for 3,750 Cereal Box Dominoes

School Breaks RECORD for 3,750 Cereal Box Dominoes

Photo: UPI

An elementary school in South Carolina, United States has broken an unusual Guinness World Record.

According to news agency United Press International, it set up 3,730 cereal boxes in the cafeteria and toppled them like dominoes.

Red Cedar Elementary School in Bluffton amassed 6,153 cereal boxes in the cafeteria.

However, the attempt resulted in only 3,730 of the boxes falling but enough to break the previous record of 3,416 boxes.

Officials revealed that they then donated the cereal boxes to local charity Bluffton Self Help.

“We estimate it’s about 32,000 to 40,000 meals right here that these kids are providing back,” Kim Hall said.

Hall, who serves as the executive director of Bluffton Self Help, faced the media for queries about the record.

Meanwhile, authorities in Vermont have completely transformed a Macy’s department store into a high school.

According to various news reports, the area has white tile floors and escalators whisking them to and from classes.

The discovery of toxic industrial chemicals led to the closure of Downtown Burlington High School 2 miles away.

School officials then looked for space where students could attend school in-person and found the department store.

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