Scientists Identify Enzyme Causing BODY ODOR

Scientists Identify Enzyme Causing BODY ODOR

Scientists Identify Enzyme Causing BODY ODOR
Photo: UPI

A recent study found out what causes the armpit’s ability to produce the pungent smell as body odor.

In a Metro report, researchers said body odor enzymes can be found in the bacteria living under a person’s arm.

In a study published in Scientific Reports, these bacteria have evolved into a specialized enzyme that produces the molecules responsible for body odor’s recognizable stench.

Scientists Identify Enzyme Causing BODY ODOR
Photo: The Metro UK

They identified Staphylococcus hominis as one of the main microbes behind body odor.

The enzyme already exists even before the existence of Homo Sapiens as a species. This suggests that there is already body odor prior to the evolution of modern humans.

Further, the bacteria in the armpit encounter sweat. They produce pungent products called thioalcohols which are responsible for the odor.

Dr Michelle Rudden, study co-author, said solving the structure of enzyme allowed them to identify the bacteria that makes the odor molecules.

She also said this is a key advancement to understand how it works. They can also develop targeted inhibitors to stop its production without disrupting the armpit microbiome.

Further, the report explains that the armpits are home to a diverse community of bacteria that is part of natural skin microbiome.

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