Scottish Man Reunited With Stolen WALLET After 17 Years

Scottish Man Reunited With Stolen WALLET After 17 Years

Photo: UPI

A man from Scotland reunited with his wallet stolen at a bar 17 years ago near the area.

According to news agency United Press International, someone found the wallet inside a bush.

An officer from the Dunfermline Police Station contacted Ryan Seymour to ask if he has a missing wallet.

“I started racking my brains, and I said ‘yeah, now that you mention it, I did a long time ago,'” Seymour responded.

Someone stole his wallet during a night out at the Elizabethan pub in Dunfermline about 17 years earlier.

Seymour said the contents of the wallet were mostly intact, except for the $85 cash he remembered having inside it.

Meanwhile, flight attendants working at Vietnam Airlines reunited a passenger with a wallet that contained $45,000 cash and more.

According to various news reports online, it also has Vietnamese currency and other valuable personal items.

Flight attendants cleaning out a plane after flight from Hanoi discovered a wallet left behind by a passenger.

Aside from money, it also contained the passenger’s ATM card and other personal documents.

The flight attendants then brought the wallet to the airport’s lost and found counter.

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