Singapore’s ‘Cruises to Nowhere’ to SAIL in November

Singapore’s ‘Cruises to Nowhere’ to SAIL in November

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People have been scrambling to fix their booking for “cruises to nowhere” in Singapore.

According to online site Mashable, the cruises will sail on November 6 and sometime again in December.

“While the cruise experience will be different… we are committed to provide the signature holiday that guests know and love,” said Angie Stephen, Royal Carribean’s managing director.

Stephen emphasized that they will keep the health and safety of everyone on board as the top priority.

The Singapore Tourism Board has given two cruise lines the go signal to offer “cruises to nowhere” to residents under a pilot program.

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Some of the conditions include enhanced safety protocols and mandatory COVID-19 testing for all passengers and crew.

As a part of STB’s “CruiseSafe” program, the cruises will have round-trips with no stops in-between.

They will also have to sail at a capacity of up to 50 percent only.

“This cruise pilot is a valuable opportunity for cruise operators to reinvent the entire cruise experience in order to regain the confidence of passengers,” said Keith Tan, STB’s chief executive.

Starting prices for both companies’ offerings range between US$264 (S$359) and US$440 (S$599) per person.

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