SNAKE With Three Smiley Face Emojis Sold for $6,000

SNAKE With Three Smiley Face Emojis Sold for $6,000

Photo: UPI

A breeder sold a ball python with the shape of three smiley face emojis on its body for $6,000.

According to news agency United Press International, he just accidentally bred the unusual reptile.

In an interview, Justin Kobylka said he just attempted to use the combination of bright golden yellow and white.

But he eventually ended up hatching a snake with three yellow smiley faces on its scales.

The breeder shared the snake came from about eight years of working to breed pythons for the color combination.

Kobylka explained that about one in 20 of the snakes he bred for the color combination would have a smiley face.

But this one is the only one he’s ended up with that has three face emojis on its scales.

Meanwhile, a commuter in England received a warning from authorities after he wore a snake as a face mask.

According to news reports, a light brown serpent with diamond-shaped markings covered the man’s mouth and neck.

He was travelling on a public bus from Swinton to Manchester.

A passenger said she thought the man was wearing a “funky mask” until she the creature slithered over hand rails.

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