Social Media Users Help Woman Find Long-Lost TWIN

Social Media Users Help Woman Find Long-Lost TWIN

Photo: UPI

A woman has launched a search effort after she discovered that she has a long-lost twin.

According to new agency United Press International, the discovery came after she looked into her own adoption.

Social media users shared her search as dozens of people want to help her find her sister.

“I’m part of a girl identical twin birth in Busan, Korea on Oct. 17, 1973,” Elizabeth Jackson Booth said.

Booth shared that she will start her search in Minnesota, where her adoption happened.

“I am overwhelmed with the interest of people wanting to go out on their own and do searching on my behalf,” she said.

Meanwhile, two students at a university in Virginia discovered they lived at the same orphanage in China.

According to news agency United Press International, they struck up a conversation on a bus ride.

The students, names Ally Cole and Ruby Wierzbicki talked while on a bus crossing the school’s campus.

They, they learned they came from the same orphanage in China as they shared pictures on their phone.

“We held the photos side by side on our phones and we realized that everything matched,” Wierzbicki said.

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