SoKor Allows Boy Band BTS to DEFER Mandatory Military Service

SoKor Allows Boy Band BTS to DEFER Mandatory Military Service

Photo: TeCake

The South Korean parliament has revised an existing legislation to allow pop stars, such as boy band BTS, to defer their military service.

According to online site Mashable, military service has been mandatory for all able-bodied adult men in the Asian country.

Fans have long worried that the success of the boy band, claimed to be the biggest in the world, could be derailed by the government’s requirement.

But lucky enough, a revised law added specific criteria for the exemption of military service.

Photo: NovAsia

The legislation now allows exemptions for those who “excel in popular culture and art.”

Before, it used to only allow exemptions for certain artists, olympic athletes and classical musicians.

Fans of the K-pop group BTS can, on average, spend upwards of $1,422 on merchandise, concert tickets and albums.

According to online reports, e-commerce aggregator, iPrice gathered data from merchants across Southeast Asia.

The study mapped the buying behaviors of the fans across Southeast Asia and Hong Kong for Twice, BlackPink and BTS.

Statistics portal Statista said the South Korean music industry had a sales revenue of around 6.1 trillion South Korean won.

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