Squirrel Caught on Cam Getting TIPSY on Fermented Pears

Squirrel Caught on Cam Getting TIPSY on Fermented Pears

Photo: YouTube

A squirrel appeared a little tipsy after a woman fed the animal with some fermented pears.

According to online site Huff Post, a video was taken in a garden in Minnesota in the U.S.

It shows the drunk animal standing on a miniature picnic table when it suddenly gets a dazed look in its eyes.

The squirrel then starts to lean oddly to side, completely stupefied before snapping back to reality as it falls off.

Kathleen Morlok said the unexpected episode began when she decided to clean out her refrigerator.

Seeing the squirrel enjoyed the fruit, Kathleen decided to put the rest of the old pears outside for the daily visitor.

But when the animal returned later that day, Kathleen said it already seemed very off.

Meanwhile, a drunk monkey named “Kalua’ in India killed a man and injured 250 people, sentencing him to lifetime imprisonment.

Zookeepers at Kanpur Zoological Park said in a report they have “deemed him too dangerous to live among his kind.

Authorities said the the monkey will be in “solitary confinement for the rest of his life.”

Kalua once belonged to an “occultist” in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, which supplied the pet with a regular diet of hard liquor.

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