Student Outwits Online Learning ALGORITHM to Boost Grades

Student Outwits Online Learning ALGORITHM to Boost Grades

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A seventh grader and his mother have tricked an online learning algorithm into giving him 100% scores.

According to online site Oddee, 12-year-old Lazare Simmons received a 50% failing grade in his first assignment.

His mother, Dana Simmons, had told him that some teachers grade more harshly than others.

But Lazare explained he had received the marks less than a second after submitting his answers.

That was when it clicked for Dana that her son was being graded by an algorithm, not an actual teacher.

In studying Lazare’s schoolwork over the next few days, she examined the correct answers.

After reviewing some paperwork, Dana noticed that the algorithm notices answers at the end of each assignment.

She then concluded that Edgenuity’s Artificial Intelligence scan for specific keywords in students’ answers.

The Lazares decided to alter the way they answer questions, writing two long sentences followed by a disjointed list of keywords.

Edgenuity explained that some answers receive 0% if they don’t include keywords and 100% if they include at least one.

Others, meanwhile, can earn a certain percentage based on the number of keywords used.

More than 20,000 schools currently use the platform, which offers hundreds of online classes.

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