Surgeons Remove Mobile Phone Charger From Man’s Urinary Bladder

Surgeons Remove Mobile Phone Charger From Man’s Urinary Bladder

Picture: SWNS

We all know that hospitals in the past months are filled with cases related to COVID-19. Surprisingly in early June, doctors from a private hospital in India encountered a bizarre case. They are to extract a mobile phone charging cable from a man’s body.

In his Facebook post, Dr. Walliul Islam of Assam Hospital said a 35-year old man came to the outpatient department of the hospital. He was complaining about his severe abdominal pain. The patient claim he had ingested “accidently” a charging cable. The consultant surgeon also said in his post the man had a history of also ingesting earphones.

When the patient was sent for an X-ray, the doctors were surprised to see a wire about two feet long in his urinary bladder. It was unbelievably inserted through his urethra. It was later reported that the man was suffering from depression after learning his wife eloped. Later, he inserted a cable in his penile urethra after getting drunk three months ago.

But when the cords couldn’t be taken out through laxatives, attending doctors resorted to the surgery. This took about an hour. The doctors who performed the surgery did not ask for any fees considering the man lives off from his meager pay from painting houses.