Sweet Treat of a Mother For Her Child Turned Into Unfortunate Events

Sweet Treat of a Mother For Her Child Turned Into Unfortunate Events

Parents need to be cautious with regards to what their little ones are putting into their mouths. Just like the parents from Suqian City, China, the mother had gone to a nearby store and purchased a sweet treat for her three-year-old girl.

Later on, that day, as she started doing a few chores, she leaves her husband to give the “sweet treat” to their kid. Xin ate around 280 pieces before her mother chose to try one.

sweat treat or plastic balls?

When she bit down on the hard, rubbery thing, she promptly spits it out and brought her kid to Huai’an Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital.

The little balls weren’t sweets in any way. They’re water-absorbent elastic balls utilized for vases, which are generally referred to as “Shui baobao” or “water babies” in Chinese.

Xin’s doctors gave her immediate medication that would help remove the balls from her system.


Moreover, they restrict her from any liquid intake to prevent it from getting bigger. About 300 elastic balls left her body within the 24 hours of being admitted.

While this family got really lucky, it appears that it’s wrong to give their child that many pieces of sweets.

Hopefully, these parents are now much cautious about what they give to their girl from this day up to the near future.