Taal Volcano Retch Ashes Near Manila, Philippines

Taal Volcano Retch Ashes Near Manila, Philippines

Taal Volcano spits ashes into the air Sunday afternoon. The Philippines warns people near the area of the volcano that it might erupt anytime soon.

The Philippine authority urged people to evacuate the areas that are near the volcano. So, more than half a million people evacuated to a safer area. The volcano retch ashes for up to nine miles (14 kilometers) into the air.

Taal Volcano retch ashes into the air
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The Taal Volcano is one of the country’s most active volcano and it is about 37 miles from the capital (Manila).

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) raised the alert level to four. The meaning of this alert level is that the volcano might explode within the next couple of hours or days. The highest alert level is five, indicating that an eruption is already happening.

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The volcano isn’t very big but considered the world’s most dangerous volcano. This is because of the number of people within its vicinity said Erik Klemetti a volcanologist at Denison University.

Furthermore, as of Monday, more than 16,400 people seek shelter in temporary evacuation centers made by the authorities. Moreover, the number of evacuees is likely to be higher with other people choosing to stay with their relatives in other parts of the country.

Above all, the priority now is the safety of all the people within the area that are affected by the ashfall.