Thai Fisherman Finds Huge WHALE VOMIT Worth Over $3 Million

Thai Fisherman Finds Huge WHALE VOMIT Worth Over $3 Million

Photo: Viral Press

A fisherman in Thailand has stumbled across what experts believe to be the world’s biggest whale vomit worth over $3 million.

According to tabloid newspaper The Daily Mail, the vomit, called Ambergris, is used to make a perfume’s scent last longer.

Naris Suwannasang saw several pale rock-like pale lumps washed up on a beach when he was walking by the sea.

The Suwannasang family burned the surface of the Ambergis to confirm that it was indeed a whale vomit.

They saw it melt instantly while giving off a musky smell, giving them further confirmation of their find.

Naris intends to go to the police to make a record of possession in case someone tries to steal the valuable substance.

Over in Wales, a family on vacation near Caernarfon in the northern part of the country discovered rare sea creatures.

According to various reports online, they came across what appeared to be a large piece of driftwood.

Attached to the log were thousands of tentacled creatures in shells, which Martyn Green described as unlike anything he has seen before.

“My wife Gemma, she found it. We were walking on the beach and she called us and said ‘come back, look at this,’” he shared.

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