The Creepiest Mcdonald’s In The World – The Barge

The Creepiest Mcdonald’s In The World – The Barge

Photo by Taz originally posted to Flickr as McBarge

Almost every street or place in the world has Mcdonald’s food chain in it. Over the years, it has become one of our go-to places every time we crave burgers. Who would have thought that back in the day, there was a creepy franchise store known as “The Barge,” a.k.a “McBarge.”

A number of weird-looking Mcdonald’s stores have caught our attention, like the one in Roswell, New Mexico, which is known for its UFO structure. When you aboard the spaceship-like food store, it feels like you’re embarking on an extraterrestrial voyage.

Another crazy-looking location in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, showcases its McDonalds version with barbed wires all over the place. Military officials have put up a base here. They hold some terrorists as prisoners and torture them in exchange for top-secret information.

Lastly, the creepiest franchise model of them all – McBarge in Vancouver. The Barge represented the 1986 World Expo in Canada. It became a tourist attraction due to its world-class amenities.

Photo by: Province Staff

According to Ripleys, ordered food comes out of the conveyer belt. It was definitely one of their coolest feature at that time.

It was called Friendship 500 before. However, the floating food chain was decommissioned when the expo ended in the same year, 1986.