This FILIPINO Olympic Skateboarder Went Viral for Photobombing

This FILIPINO Olympic Skateboarder Went Viral for Photobombing

Photo: 2020 Summer Olympics Live Telecast

A Filipino Olympic skateboarder has been stealing the hearts of many from all over the globe since Monday.

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According to Yahoo! News Philippines, Margielyn Didal finished 7th in the women’s street skateboarding event.

And while she almost made the top five, she already won the Olympics for famously photobombing fellow Olympians.

In the photos, the Filipino Olympic skateboarder kept a refreshing attitude and friendly personality throughout the Games.

She already won the Philippines over.

But overseas, Brazilians and Japanese fans also took notice of her attitude. 

According to many, this came as a “breath of fresh air” because athletes only show their serious game faces.

In fact, Brazilians on Twitter even played a game of Spot the Margielyn.

Meanwhile, the Philippines’ played Hidilyn-and-Seek.

Photo: @twitheart on Twitter

Moreover, Brazilians embraced Didal’s “Filipina gregariousness” on social media that they even theorized she must have Brazilian DNA.

“Aaaaahh, what a dear, supportive opponent. That’s very rare,” said one Brazilian account.

“This Filipina must have Brazilian DNA!” chimed another user.

Consequently, even the official Olympics Instagram account took note of Didal’s sportsmanship after being injured.

“Beyond the incredible tricks andd sheer excitement we saw today during the women’s street skateboarding event, what shone through more than anything was the Olympic spirit,” they said.

In case you missed it, Didal also met Tony Hawk while pretending not to recognize him. 

It was a great day for memes.