Tiktok Influencer Shares Theory Behind MYSTERIOUS Staircases in Forests

Tiktok Influencer Shares Theory Behind MYSTERIOUS Staircases in Forests

A Tiktok influencer shared a creepy conspiracy theory about mysterious staircases found in some forests. 

Vlogger Jessii Vee regularly creates scary content for her four million followers. 

Her latest spooky tale is about the random stairs in wooded areas. 

Photo: Jessii Vee / Tiktok

“If you ever see a random staircase in the woods, you have to get away as fast as you can – never climb them,” she narrated.

According to her, there was a story going around many years ago about abandoned staircases in national forests.

The stairs are “deep in the forests, away from anybody.”

“It’s just a staircase, no other structure attached to it,” she added.

Some stairs are in ruins, while others are perfectly intact. They also come in different kinds. There are iron spirals – the one you’d find in a lighthouse. There are also giant staircases that reach up to nowhere.

“Only a few have ever dared to climb the staircases,” Jessii continued. “People reported feeling unnerved and unwelcome.”

People say that the stairs lead to another dimension, while some say it leads to hell. 

“Others say that’s why so many people and kids go missing in national forests.”

The clip reached two million views, and the viewers are creeped out.

“I’m kinda scared now because I go hiking a lot,” one user said.

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