TINDER Unveils ‘Ghosting Graveyard’ in Time for Halloween

TINDER Unveils ‘Ghosting Graveyard’ in Time for Halloween

Photo: Mashable

Tinder has unveiled a tool, called Ghosting Graveyard, for those you once ghosted.

According to online site Mashable, it provides some assistance in sliding into their direct messages.

You may now go to ItsYourBoo.com graveyard and type in your first name and that of the person you ghosted.

Next, select a reason for getting back in touch. You can choose to rekindle the spark, be friends with them and others.

Once you have done that, you will get a personalized ice-breaker that you can copy and send to your former flame.

Some of them include classy lines, such as “Our conversation reminds me of Game of Thrones — it deserves a better ending.”

Photo: Twitter

In another Tinder-related story, the dating site banned a user after he posted a picture of him with a Star Wars character.

Reports said Carter Hambley, a comedian, uploaded a photo of him with Baby Yoda to his profile.

But the seemingly obviously Photoshopped image did not go down well with all of his “matches.”

One of them asked: “Where did you get that Yoda doll?”

Hambley responded that it was digitally manipulated, not actually a doll.

But the woman took offence to his use of Photoshop and called him out on Tinder for “catfishing.”

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