Tokyo was named as the World’s Safest City for 2019.

Tokyo was named as the World’s Safest City for 2019.

Tokyo was named as the World’s Safest City for 2019. According to the published Economist Intelligence Unit report, the city edged out other western nations to claim this year’s title.

Running in a close second is Singapore.

Every other year, the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Safe Cities Index ranks 60 destinations across the globe based on different categories. Particularly, there are four major categories, namely: the city’s health and digital security index, infrastructure developments, and quality of personal safety. In addition, close to 50 competencies based on these categories are tested further. This year’s ranking put the Japanese capital on top. It garnered a total score of 92/100 compared to 2nd placer Singapore that garnered 91.5/100. Eventually, Singapore very narrowly lost to the Japanese capital this year.

Despite its size, Tokyo boasts of a strong quality of city living. As a result of strictly instilling discipline to its residents, it has maintained a strong organic city life structure throughout its rapid development years. Consequently, this is the third time that Tokyo takes home the said award.

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Tokyo’s infrastructure and network

Widely praised throughout the globe is Tokyo’s train and infrastructure network. As a city, it boasts of an eccentric route that connects multiple parts of the city. In turn, this has eased up public transportation. As a result, this intricate network loosens up the city’s traffic woes.

Similarly, Tokyo tops the digital and network security category of the index; effectively edging out other cities.

The 2019 index ranks the following cities:

  • Tokyo
  • Singapore
  • Osaka, Japan
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Washington DC, USA
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Seoul, South Korea; and
  • Melbourne, Australia