Trapped Wild Deer RESCUED From Frozen River in Wisconsin

Trapped Wild Deer RESCUED From Frozen River in Wisconsin

Photo: Facebook

A wild deer wandered out onto the ice of a frozen river in Wisconsin and fell through to the frigid water below.

According to news agency United Press International, local firefighters immediately came to the rescue.

The Eau Claire Fire Department dispatched personnel to the river right after someone alerted them of the situation.

The department then took to social media app Facebook to share photos of the ensuing rescue of the deer.

“Using ice rescue techniques and equipment, Engineer Tim Brantner and Firefighter Aaron Crane pulled the deer,” the caption reads.

Over in Kansas, firefighters and sheriff’s deputies successfully rescued a trapped deer as well.

According to various reports, the animal fell into the frigid water of a frozen lake in Edgerton.

So the Johnson County Sheriff’s Assistance requested rescue assistance from Government Emergency Communications Center.

The Center then called personnel from the Fire District #1 Of Johnson County to provide additional help.

Firefighters ventured out into the water to break through and create a path from the deer to the shore.

“The deer was warmed up with blankets and then moved to a sunny area,” the fire district said.

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