Two Random Pet Owners Discover Their DOGS are Related

Two Random Pet Owners Discover Their DOGS are Related

Two random pet owners, who struck up a conversation on social media, have discovered that their dog are actually related.

According to tabloid newspaper The Daily Mirror, people have been sharing photos of their four-legged friends online to mark the National Dog Day in the United Kingdom.

Photo: Twitter

Paddy Logue, the digital editor of the Irish Times, posted images of his adorable Pointer Cross, Fenton on Twitter.

Connor O’Malley, a research assistant from Dublin saw the photos. He could not help but notice that Fenton looked a lot like his own cute pooch, Toby.

Photo: Twitter

O’Malley then decided to tweet snaps of his dog to Paddy. He wrote: “Hi sorry I think our dogs are long lost brothers! This is Toby.”

Logue revealed that he had adopted Fenton from Dogs Trust Ireland back in April 2018, when he was just a puppy.

O’Malley also shared that he found Toby from the same animal foundation just one month later.

Dogs Trust Ireland eventually confirmed to the two random pet owners that Fenton and Toby look so alike because they are actually related.

“They are so alike (and so beautiful)! Lovely to virtually reunite the siblings on the National Dog Day,” he said.

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