U.S. Gov’t Charges GOOGLE for Violating Antitrust Laws

U.S. Gov’t Charges GOOGLE for Violating Antitrust Laws

Photo: Yahoo News

The U.S. Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Google for alleged violations of antitrust laws.

According to online site Mashable, the DOJ has accused the tech company of acting as a monopoly over search.

“Google has maintained its monopoly power through exclusionary practices,” said Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen.

Under the lawsuit, Google allegedly locked competing companies out of the marketplace through business deals.

But in response, the tech giant took to Twitter to describe the legal charges as “deeply flawed.”

“People use Google because they choose to, not because they’re forced to or because they can’t find alternatives,” it added.

Accordingly, the reactions and feedback from within the tech industry came swiftly after news of the lawsuit dropped.

Authorities previously investigated Google over its labor practices and for recently firing their employees.

The National Labor Relations launched a probe following a complaint from four employees fired for speaking against the company laws.

They claimed that Google terminated their contract for legally engaging in organizing to assert their rights as workers.

A number of Google employees have engaged in protests and organized walkouts over labor issues in the past.

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