Uber Eats Driver Wins $250,000 LOTTERY Jackpot Prize

Uber Eats Driver Wins $250,000 LOTTERY Jackpot Prize

Uber Eats Driver Wins $250,000 LOTTERY Jackpot Prize
Photo: UPI

A workday of a woman from Maryland, United States took an unexpected twist when after winning lottery ticket.

According to news agency United Press International, she $250,000 jackpot prize in between Uber Eats deliveries.

“I said, ‘I don’t want to do Uber Eats right now!'” the 47-year-old player told reporters in an interview.

On the day of her big win, she stopped at a Quick Sace Mart and picked out a few pair of instant lottery tickets.

Using her mobile Maryland Lottery app, she chose one $10 CASH game among a list of scratch-offs with top prizes.

The lucky woman plans to settle some bills, put a down payment on her house and help her children financially.

Meanwhile, a woman from North Carolina, United States split a $305,046 lottery jackpot prize with herself.

According to various news reports, she accidentally purchased two tickets for the same lottery drawing.

Susan Gray meant to purchase tickets for two separate Carolina Cash 5 drawings.

“It was really an accident that I played both. I was really shocked. I couldn’t believe it,” Gray said.

She ended up winning the entire $305,046 jackpot for the Saturday drawing because she held the only two winning tickets.

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