UFO Expert Claims to Have Discovered ALIEN Robot in Area 51

UFO Expert Claims to Have Discovered ALIEN Robot in Area 51

Photo: Google Earth

UFO experts claimed they have spotted an extraterrestrial robot in the supposed alien hotspot Area 51 in the U.S. via a Google Maps satellite photo.

According to tabloid newspaper The Daily Express, the odd structure appears nestled in-between buildings at the controversial base.

Self-styled extraterrestrial expert Scott Waring said it is a robot built by aliens based on the humanoid shape of the black construction.

Waring then took to his UFO Sightings Daily blog to speculate about the apparent alien anomaly.

“Guess what? When I was searching Google Earth today I came across something that is really strange, he wrote.

Photo: Google Earth

The expert explained that the figure moves onto its side then changes its poses in each photo.

However, some have expressed a less exciting but more realist explanation. They said the dark body is simply a building or just a shadow.

If that is the case, the sighting is just another incidence of pareidolia, a more general term for the human tendency to seek patterns in random information.

“Pareidolia is the psychological phenomenon where people see recognizable shapes in clouds or rocks,” NASA explained.

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