Unique Date Attracts Lines for WEDDING Licenses in Vegas

Unique Date Attracts Lines for WEDDING Licenses in Vegas

Photo: Associated Press

Aspiring brides and groom lined up out the door of the marriage license office in Las Vegas, United States on Friday.

According to news agency Associated Press, the unique date of 4/3/21 attracted all of the couples.

“Specialty dates like 4/3/21 are always immensely popular in Las Vegas,” said county Clerk Lynn Goya told reporters in an interview.

Goya noted that more than 1,800 couples decided to marry each other on Dec. 13, 2014, another popular date among them.

Jeff Klein, a spokesman for the Clark County Marriage Bureau, said nearly 700 couples obtained licenses.

The office braces for a busy first 10 days this December, offering what the clerk dubs “palindrome days.”

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